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We do long term cooperation with more than a dozen manufacturers such as OG/LJR/OWF/PK/LW! Get shoes directly from the factories! Top-quality and affordable price!

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Once your order completed, within 12~36 hours (Usually within 24 hours), we will send you the QC images!

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All the packages of OGAndy, we send by DHL/FedEx and USPS, in additional to the original shoes box, we add a strong carton outer packaging to avoid the shoes box from being crushed and damaged during transportation, you will get your lovely sneakers in short time!

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Our on-site customer service team will sincerely service for you! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year! (Via bottom right Whatsapp icon.)


In order to more carefully and meticulously distinguish different quality sneakers, we do not simply differentiate the products by versions such as OG/LJR/PK etc., because in the same version different shoes also have different qualities. Through years of cooperation with more than a dozen manufacturers such as OG/LJR/OWF/PK/LW, we have classified their products into three grades based on quality standards, and these are our GQ VK VG versions.

Our GQ Version Sneakers

We know you need the highest quality shoes,we cooperate directly with top factories like OG/LJR/OWF/PK/LW to carefully select hundreds of top quality shoes for you. These top quality shoes make up our GQ Version collection. All GQ version sneakers are made with raw materials from the original factory, by the most experienced workers and technicians (some even from the official factory) and using the original production equipment. The GQ version sneakers has the strictest control on the material, workmanship and the modelling. The quality of the shoes is the same as the original and they are the top products of the highest quality!!!

Our VK Version Sneakers

Besides GQ version products, our VK version products are also produced using the best raw materials and equipment and quality is well, but there will be some differences in production process and version control compared with GQ version products, some styles for details maybe it is not as perfect as the GQ version. However, from the product pictures on our website, you can also see that VK shoes are also very high-quality products, we believe you will also like our VK version sneakers!

Our VG Version Sneakers

The VG version sneakers which we show on our website is not the kind of inferior shoes that can be purchased on Taobao and Dhgate at a very cheap price. Our standard for selecting the VG version sneakers is "high cost performance". The materials used are similar to the original materials, and the production technology and equipment used are also first-class. Just because the raw materials are not from the official original factory, while it has the high quality and also has more advantages for the price, so you can buy it confidently. For the quality and details please browse the real product photos on our website, these sneakers won't let you disappointed.

- All the shoes pictures on our website are all taken by real shoes, you can browse and create your order confidently .

- If you have any requirements and questions, please feel free to contact our 24/7 on-site Whatsapp customer service team (bottom right icon).

- We work hard to make OGAndy to be a safe and fun shopping destination. It's very important to feel safe while shopping online, that is why we protect your personal information and will never sell your contact information.

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